Our Programs

There’s more than one way to give back to your community with Friends in Need, and we are always ready to welcome new people. In addition to the programs described below, we initiate a variety of charitable events each year. Read about our programs, and then fill out the volunteer form or contact us with other questions.

Feeding Programs

The feeding program at Federal Plaza in Pensacola, FLWe distribute meals on a regular basis where people who are homeless, hungry and less fortunate gather. Since the initiation of the program in 2002, Friends In Need has been a reliable source in providing weekly support and hope to individuals in need. Check out the schedules and locations of our feeding programs in New York, Newark, Philadelphia, and Pensacola.

Family Support Program

Dedicated to helping low income families who are experiencing economic hardship, we provide for the basic necessities of living, such as food, clothing, household items and toiletries. The program is intended to help families become more self-reliant.

Family Pantry Program

We provide food packages and non-perishable food, fresh meats, fruit and vegetables to families who are unable to or have difficulty obtaining food on a regular basis. We work with local shelters in distributing the food packages.

Other Special Programs

Friends in Need holds special programs (i.e. Holiday Gift Giving, Thanksgiving meals) during holidays. We also give extra treats at our feeding programs during these times such as winter accessories and toiletries.

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